Suspire to Perform Acoustic Live on Sunny Govan Radio – Thu 28th Aug, 7pm

Sunny Govan Radio

Coming up this Thursday 28th August, 7pm-8pm, Suspire will perform acoustic versions of two tracks handpicked from the band’s eagerly awaited forthcoming debut album (due for general release on 8th Sept.) on Sunny Govan Radio.

Having had their latest single, ‘On a Clear Day’, recently selected as the XFM Breakout Track, this will be the first live interview since release.

Perhaps somewhat controversially, the session on Thu 28th Aug. sees the first outing of unreleased album track, ‘Yes!’.

Suspire celebrate the launch of their album at Hard Rock Cafe (179 Buchanan St, Glasgow) on WED 3rd SEPT (8pm-10:30pm) – FREE ENTRY  #LiveWednesdays Support from Sean Kennedy & Franklin.





Art Is Expression: An Interview with Suspire’s Paul Duffin

Interview with Paul Duffin (@paul_suspire on Twitter)

Remaster Music Reviews

suspire 1

By Emily Carney


Ever since they first emerged in 2010, Glaswegian synth-rockers Suspire have been paving their own way on both their local music scene and the realm of international airplay and publicity, having had their music featured on radio programmes as far afield as Canada and grabbing the spotlight at events such as the Edinburgh Fringe festival and Rockness. Suspire’s début album is set for release in early September, so I thought I’d have a little chin-wag with guitarist/vocalist Paul Duffin during their trip to BBC Salford and see what’s been occurring up north:


EC: Hi Paul! So first things first, I just want to say how refreshing it is to see a band going for the whole DIY approach! What exactly made you want to forward your music careers off your own back rather than lets say perhaps, the more x-factor-ish approach?

Paul: Being in a…

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Official Charts Company UK to Include Streams from 6th July: An Independent Artist’s View

Independent Music Artist view on streaming inclusion in UK charts

Posted by Clare (@clare_suspire)

So, it seems Daniel Ek will be delighted with the UK Official Chart Company’s decision to include streams (as of 6th July) in the UK music charts. Why? Well, what better reason to have music on there… right? Indeed, for the bigger players (on major labels), this may well be a welcomed decision. However, for the smaller labels and independent music artists, there may need to be a  change in strategy when considering the value of gaining a (higher) chart position versus that of gaining higher income per track or album sale.

Suspire’s debut album is due out in September… The plan was to leave only the teaser tracks available on Spotify as a shop window, in hope of driving sales of the album through digital music stores such as iTunes and Amazon – (the latter provides more revenue per download than on Spotify per stream). The decision to this was based on the following logic:

– Spotify is accessible and has a high number of users, so why not be visible to draw listeners in;

– Spotify offers Premium Account users an offline mode, enabling a similar storage (or even ownership) experience of the available tracks. Those with this type of account may be less likely to purchase the music – so let’s NOT put the full album on there.

Now, with the Official UK Charts Company’s decision to include streams, (not just on Spotify, of course) there is a decision to be made on the value of the stream counts in relation to charting.

Streaming makes music more accessible and, if you believe Daniel Ek (as reported in today’s BBC Newsbeat), it will lead to the sale of digital downloads or that of physical music products. However, I have yet to see sufficient evidence that supports this notion. Perhaps Daniel Ek should fund some research to show how Spotify streams do indeed lead to the purchase of the same tracks or albums streamed.

Frustration with manufacturing company: the “fun” part of being an independent artist with your own record label…

News round-up / BBC Introducing feature

BBC Introducing Scotland

To kick things off – just a couple of reminders to our usual readers/fans and perhaps fresh info to our new readers…. Most of the time (if not all of the time) the blog posts are written by me (Clare), with a view to encompass as much of the essence that is ‘Suspire’ as a collective, as much as possible.

Brian Cunningham in the studio last week
Brian Cunningham in the studio last week

Last week… We were back in the studio after a short break – and man did that feel good. With 3 new songs seeing final touches, we hope to bringing this to audiences fairly soon. We’ve also just announced a show in Dundee for 14th June at Buskers.

What’s been happening (quick round-up)…

In February, we had a live album preview of our debut album with our lovely Pledgers and close friends and family. The turnout was phenomenal – and to boot we’ve now reached 83% of our Pledge Music target (check out the progress here), with 17 days left on the campaign.

More to come…


We also launched a new single from the album: ‘Moonshine’. The video was made by our good friend, Peter Stewart (Forty Third Minute Productions). This single was also featured on Vic Galloway’s picks for BBC Introducing for Scotland on 14th March 2014.